Fund local families affected by Covid-19.

Giving Bread has partnered with Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich to identify and verify local families that urgently need assistance.

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  • Where does my donation go?
    The donation goes directly to the partner organization; they disperse funds directly to the families in need. If you choose to donate without choosing a family, the gift is directly sent to the partner organization. Often there is an 0.84% credit card processing fee.
  • Can I donate more than the suggested amount to the family I choose?
    Thank you for your generosity! In an effort to support families equally, any donation over the suggested amount will go to the partner organization to help other families that haven’t yet been funded.
  • Can I sponsor more than one family?
    Absolutely! Each transaction is separate, so after you complete your gift to one family, feel free to choose another!
  • Will the family I choose know my identity? Will I know theirs?
    Unfortunately, to protect the privacy of both families and sponsors, we cannot share names and contact information. However, please feel free to add a note of encouragement or kindness with your donation. We will also create a portal for a family to be able to send their thanks.
  • Who can I contact for more information?
    You can reach out to Giving Bread directly by emailing us here.
  • Am I able to launch Giving Bread in my own city or town?
    We are hoping to launch Giving Bread across as many communities as possible. We are looking for volunteers to spearhead their own Giving Bread community effort. We’ll provide all the support you need to get started! Please reach out if you are interested.
  • Who created Giving Bread?
    Giving Bread was created by Amy Jurkowitz and Mimi Sternlicht, co-founders of Bread Ventures, a creative business development agency based in Greenwich CT. Adchitects, an incredible development firm based in Poland contributed all the back end programing. Khomus Design contributed the beautiful site design.

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